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North Carolina Elder Care: 2014 Nursing Home Rankings

Posted on: March 11th, 2014
elder careThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released ratings of North Carolina nursing homes, showing 29% of the Triangle’s nursing homes received 5 out of 5 stars. (Only 2.7% of the nursing homes across the state ranked this well.) The five-star rating indicates a nursing home exhibits “above average quality” in their services. These ratings are based on health inspections, quality measures, and staffing.

In addition to federal ratings, individuals looking for a high-rated nursing home can review ratings made at the state level. State inspections are unannounced and may last up to four days. These inspections monitor the ability of a nursing home to meet regulations and legal requirements. The NC Division of Health Service Regulation provides an up-to-date list of deficient nursing homes by county here.
Although a trend shows that seniors are avoiding nursing home care, the increased risk of chronic illnesses and declining health as one ages may prompt family members to seek caregiving services outside the home. According to the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services, 97% of the nursing homes in the Tar Heel State are in the Medicare/Medicaid program.
Families interested in creating a long-term care plan that adequately manages the expenses of care later in life can review options with a North Carolina elder law attorney. Our elder law attorneys in Chapel Hill help seniors structure assets with special planning tools that protect assets for the benefit of the senior and those they designate, while at the same time preserving their eligibility for certain government programs. One of these tools is a Medicaid Trust, learn more about Medicaid Trust benefits here.
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